Top Garter Toss Songs

Groom does garter toss

You’ve probably thought out every single detail of your wedding over and over again but have you considered the small things like what songs will play during which event? Not to worry, our DJ service experts are always here to help you find the song to fit the mood. Not every traditional wedding moment has an obvious song to go with. Fun events such as garter tosses are, in our experience, the most fun to choose a song for!

The garter toss is a timeless wedding tradition where the single men line up behind the groom on the dance floor to catch the garter aka superstition fabric. Married couples and other guests love watching this tradition because the groom usually gets on his knees in front of the bride, lifts up the wedding dress, and does the garter removal. The trick is to be fun and goofy about it! Guests can't contain their laughter as the bride blushes to death.

Rumor has it that the man who catches this magically dainty piece of fabric is surely to be the next to wed. And to top that, it could be to the woman who caught the bouquet! Throwing the bouquet is the other half of this tradition. The bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder and whichever woman catches the bouquet is filled with good luck. The bouquet and garter tosses are a sure way to get guests on the dance floor during the wedding reception. The only way to know for sure if this tradition is honest or not, is to wait and see! Be sure to commemorate the moment with a photo of the lucky winners with the bride and/or groom to commemorate.

Your playlist may include artists like Shania Twain or Marvin Gaye. It could be fun dance songs or nostalgic music to your guests. Your playlist is what best personifies you and your bride to be! Wedding songs can be challenging to choose, but if you know what you both like, sit down and jam it out together for a few hours until you get the idea! She probably has an idea of her father daughter dance song, bouquet toss song, and last dance, but maybe she prefers you to choose your garter toss song!

Here we have our Top 11 Unrivaled, Most Popular Garter Toss Songs, for every desire and emotion:

Pony by Ginuwine

Perfect for the bride that really wants to get the crowd involved. Automatically hearing this song, heads turn. Only to see the groom on his knees. Use it and try not to laugh yourself. Impossible.

Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

This one's a tribute to a rock and roll family, ready to get the night started! Try to keep the crowd from dancing to this one and focus on you lifting the brides dress for the garter!

Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top

Because your groom is sharply dressed, of course. Or use it for a good beat. Either really does work.

Cherry Pie by Warrant

This one's a hilarious hit. Give it a listen and try not to picture it.

No Scrubs by TLC

This one's in honor of your man, for obviously not being a scrub. Plus, it gets all the girls involved too because it's timeless. #Goals

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns & Roses

Or.. 'Welcome to Married Life'. Kicking it off with a garter toss seems like a win, win.

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Who doesn't love this song? It's confident and dare I say.. Sexy?

Hot in Here by Nelly

Not because your grandma is probably sweating watching the two of you, but because this song offers a good beat and everyone knows it.

Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake

'We don't mind all the watching', this alone says it all.

Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

Kenny sings it best, because everyone's wondering when he'll pull it off. All the guys waiting are anxious as well.

In Those Jeans by Ginuwine

Last but not least, this one's more of a slow pace song leaving your guests wanting more!

We wish that this helps you choose the best fit for you and your fiancee when choosing your garter song! Keep an eye out for more related blogs in everything wedding related. If you're also in need of a DJ, feel free to get a quote here.Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to find quick information and insights on our wedding DJ services.

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