Event Planning
Whether you need a DJ for field days, homecomings, fundraisers, or the prom; We work alongside any committee or sponsor to make sure every school event to map out the event. From arrival to the last song, we want make sure that every school event is memorable and looked back on at every reunion.
Reading the Crowd
Our trained jedi DJs know how to use the force and how to read the crowd. We will engage any crowd with even the shortest of attention spans from kindergarten to college. Our DJs know which perfect radio-edited songs they should play next and while playing the crowds favorite songs from your custom playlist.
We already come out with a basic lighting display, but if you are intelligent, you will take your event to the next level with an intelligent lighting system. This will paint the room, create the atmosphere, enhance the night, and get everyone away from the punch bowl and on to the floor dancing.
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