The Best Country Wedding & First Dance Songs

A bride and her bridesmaids line dancing in front of the wedding guest at their wedding reception in a rustic venue

Every little southern girl dreams of a country wedding (if you've ever seen Sweet Home Alabama, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about) and so do many other country music lovers! It's the perfect way to romanticize your wedding because everyone knows the King of Country (Tim McGraw) is in love with the Queen of Country (Faith Hill) and we all want a marriage like that. And if not, definitely Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. One that's not only respectful, but so passionate and never ending. It even makes us want to fall in love.

There are multiple things that make a country wedding, country:

  • First, there's the decor of course. Must haves include (but are not limited to): pastel colors, wooden decor, Baby's Breath (flowers), cowgirl boots or converse, lace on everything, and lots of shiplap #JoannaGaines.

  • Second, there's the packed dance floor full of guests seriously enjoying themselves doing line dances or two steppin'.

  • Lastly, there's the guests belting at the top of their lungs to 'Friends in Low Places' because let's be honest, we all know every word.

  • Country music guests are some of the best guests to have! They aren't afraid to prove their love to country music or country wedding songs in general. Because what makes country weddings some of the most memorable is the music, your playlist should be jam packed with nothing but good ole songs. Whether you're a Willie Nelson fan or Kenny Chesney, you can always kick the dust up with some country love songs.

    Music can shape the environment of a wedding. It can calm it or rather, it can energize it. It can sway and rock. It can be a standstill. Country music is full of emotion and that's why it's perfect for wedding songs! The lyrics are full of love and intensity that it's hard not to choke up on a few of them, all while minutes later you forget you felt so much intense emotion because you're too busy singing loudly!

    Here, we've lined out some of our favorite country songs for first dances, line dancing, slow dances, and all the ones in between that are sure to get the crowd going! This is our all time classic Country Playlist:

    My Wish - Rascall Flatts

    This song is absolutely perfect for Mother/Son dances. Of course mamas want nothing more for their sons than to find the love of their life and live happily ever after. Not only that, but that you get everything you could possibly want/need out of life and that includes a life long partner.

    You're Still The One - Shania Twain

    Shania sang this song perflectly when she wanted to point out how far they've come and they've made it every step of the way together and strong. This could have a big impact on the family of the bride and groom when they think of how far you both have come as a couple and how far you have to go together.

    My Little Girl - Tim McGraw

    This song is meant for Father/Daughter dances. 'You had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born'. It's hard for you father to want to let you go during the ceremony and probably even harder to let go after dancing to this song during your reception. We're not crying, you are...

    From the Ground Up - Dan + Shay

    So sweet you could lose it before the dance is over. From first dances to anniversary dances, it's the truly the sweetest song about how successful their grandparents marriage is and how they would want nothing less than to follow their footsteps! Come full circle, they wake up in 65 years with thousands of pictures and an intense desire to do it all over again.

    Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks

    The single most popular song to sing to! Like mentioned above, everyone knows every single word to this song and most people raise their drinks or hands so it's fun when the photographer can get a shot of this! Worth remembering the comradery this song naturally brings to all guests. This will really get the crowd going, go ahead and try it.

    Calling Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks

    One of the catchiest songs and one of the best dance songs! Thank you Garth for a perfect song to two step to!

    Check Yes or No - Garth Brooks

    A sweet song to two step to, because it's slower and the story alone can have you mesmerized! If you're grade school sweethearts, you genuinely should choose this song! He sees her and immediately knows she's the one even if he's too young to fully understand. Flash forward and she's still the light of his life.

    Heartbeat - Carrie Underwood

    What a great song to dance to on your big day! This song is just fast enough to be quirky to, all while being slow enough to actually get barefoot and dance on top of his shoes (like in the song). It's a great song for last dances because you're ready to take your shoes off and get out of there (like the song again)!

    Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

    Another song that is too easy to sing to! Everyone knows the words and everyone tries to keep up faster than the person next to them. It's a fun competition and not only that, the lyrics are so catchy! Oh, and did we mention that he only has 1 love that he's trying to make it back to?

    Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

    The perfect beat to a slow, dreamy dance. It's one of the best nights of your life and what's better to pair it with than a sweet memory of this dance? Thomas Rhett sings about not being able to do some of the things that maybe he's always dreamed of doing, but all of that is nothing compared to living a life without you.

    Yours - Russell Dickerson

    Perfect for a slow dance if you want to wind things down at the end of the night, before your last dance. It's so romantic that you'll easily get wrapped up in the moment. He sings about being absolutely lost and feeling like a nobody until he saw you. You give his life purpose!

    Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait

    A perfect dedication song to a woman you might be leaving (in distance not in heart). Should you have obligations career or honor wise, you might want to choose this song to dedicate to your woman! Leaving her knowing full well she's on your mind every day.

    Speechless - Dan + Shay

    Last but not least, the sweetest song in country history. I have no other words to describe it... it's like I'm speechless. This song is the best to walk down the aisle to because the very beginning of the song describes the bride as getting ready and being all prepared for the wedding day while the groom is a mess the second that he sees her.

    We hope that you have the best day of your life and this was able to provide you with some good song ideas! If you're in the lookout for a DJ, feel free to get a quote here. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to find quick information and insights on our wedding DJ services.

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