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A wedding is often the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to being on-trend. Brides typically do their research and know what they want as a reflection of their personal style and what they want as far as the latest and greatest in wedding trends. 2018 will be no different and the trends are on point. According to the experts with which WeddingWire spoke, here's what we can expect:

Navy is the new black.

As an alternative to formal black, brides and grooms are opting for dark blue as the neutral shade in their wedding’s color palette. Beth says that midnight blue is now the color of choice for formal weddings. “Instead of a classic black and white engraved invitation, couple’s are opting for a deep midnight blue letterpressed invitation,” she explains. “And we’re seeing a lot of navy blue bridesmaid dresses too.”

Silver and chrome = the metallics of the moment

And metallics are here to stay, but instead of gold, brass and rose gold, which has been popular for the past few years, couples are bringing silver and chrome into the mix for 2018 wedding trends. “Now that we’re seeing so much of the 1970’s influencing home décor lately, silver and chrome are making a comeback,” shared Melissa McNeely of Events by Melissa McNeely in New York City.


A return to formality

Couples are going back to formal weddings according to several wedding planners. “We are anticipating a stronger presence of uber-elegant weddings in 2018,” says Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss Event Planning in the Pacific Northwest. “We are seeing cleaner florals, classic tuxedos, and a hint of sparkle.” Beth agrees, adding, “We’re seeing formal with a bit of whimsical, so it’s formal but not stuffy.”

Hanging flowers are the floral decor of the moment.

When deciding on your floral décor, Chezelle Rodriguez of CD Weddings in Puerto Rico explains that suspended arrangements are in for 2018. “Couples are keeping their guest tables simple and focusing more on ceiling treatments.” For an understated centerpiece, one idea she says will be popular for 2018 wedding reception tables is a small cluster of vases with just one or two types of flowers.


Couples are finding new ways to entertain guests.

“For 2018 wedding trends, it's very much about creating an incredible experience for guests,” says Emily Sullivan of Emily Sullivan Events in New Orleans. Couples are incorporating interactive elements into their wedding to entertain their guests with creative food ideas, music, and photo booths. “The photo booth concept is not going away,” Beth explains, “but today’s couples are having an open booth with a backdrop. A no booth-booth.” As for props, Melissa adds that people are tired of the same old props, so either they won’t have any props in their photo booth or they’ll seek out new, never-before-seen props.


Bring on the texture!

Enhancing the guests’ experience includes the details that they interact with. “People want a lot of details, and are spending a lot on their guests’ experience,” explains Beth. “Different textures and something different on various elements, such as wax seals on menus, assorted linens on each table, and even three different tabletops for the reception tables are some of the new ideas that guests will notice.”

Unique food is a priority.

“Something we have been hearing more and more from our couples is how important food is to them,” Nora says. “They want to present their guests with a new food experience, or one that resonates with their personal style.” On the menu for 2018 wedding trends are interactive appetizer stations, including a raw bar or roll your own sushi, using family recipes, farm-to-table dinners, and creative desserts.

Go all-out with the desserts.

Creative desserts,” Nora says, “such as popsicles, custards, and ice cream sandwiches” are what couples are serving at the end of the night. But this doesn’t mean that wedding cakes are going away. Beth explains, “Wedding cakes are back, and the cake cutting ceremony is coming back. Couples want that photo in their album, the same one their parents have in theirs.


Don’t call it “rustic,” it’s all about the “woodsy” look.

Brides who want a rustic look and feel will start steering away from the barn look to a more “woodsy” look according to Taylor Green of Taylor Elise Events in St. Louis, Missouri. This includes a lot of greenery in the florals and green as the wedding’s main color. “We’ll also move away from burlap and see more wooden details,” she explains. Wooden details can include the invitation, table numbers, seating cards, tags, chargers, signage, chairs, and tables.”
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