Event Lighting

ballroom for a wedding with purple uplighting, chandeliers and custom drapery

Lighting for events is one of the most simple ways to completely transform your holiday party, corporate events, bat mitzvahs, or weddings into something next level. Uplighting can create an intimate and immersive experience for your guests. It creates a special effect for the dance floor that is effective in creating the mood you're going for. Monogram lighting can add an extra touch to your wedding dance floor with a special lighting design. Let's talk a little bit about why indoor lighting for events is so important.

Lighting is everywhere. It's peeking through your window, or shining outside. It's with you on your day to the grocery store, or standing at the head of the aisle. It's brighter than your eyes can handle, or darker than your bedroom at night. It can take effect on your eyesight, sleep cycle, and most in particular... your mood. No wonder you feel happier on a sunny day, and more creative with the lights down low.

Lighting can even heighten your emotions. Many venues are building with this in mind, creating more spaces available with an open light concept. The more windows, the merrier. Natural light can make a big difference in your mood and it also has a great sense of overall well being.

With this in mind, many brides opt in to renting or purchasing lights for their big day. The options may vary, but the idea is still the same: to set the mood. The mood either deters guests from enjoying themselves, or it makes them feel comfortable enough to get on the dancefloor. Photographer's rave about lights because it allows them to be more creative in poses and candids. It also doesn't hurt that you glow in your photographer's eye.

The hues may differ when purchasing different lights, but if you know what you want, it can be the perfect impression on the space. Let's say you are getting married in a barn that has accents of wood, the color 'champagne' would help accent yourself and guests from the wooden background. If you are getting married in an industrial space, then a whiter hue would be the perfect touch adding to the bricks atmosphere.

Most venues will turn down their lights as your open dance begins, so this is really when the lighting options you've chosen start to shine. Some venues also have built in lights for the same purpose, so always check before renting other options. Or maybe the compatibility of multiple lighting options is so compelling that you do both. Like I said before, the more, the merrier.

Different Options for Event Lighting:

  • Bistro lighting is the perfect touch to an outdoor space, or an industrial layout. It can add a lot of value by being a bigger light, shining brighter. Edison bulbs are also in trend right now, so replacing the standard bulb with Edison bulbs is a clever way of elevating the space. Especially if you are going for a bohemian look. You can wrap them around staircases or ceilings depending on the venue's requirements.

  • Fairy lights, aka Christmas lights, are also extremely popular because they are so lightweight and inexpensive. You can buy them in white or black as well to match your style. Because they are so lightweight, they can be wrapped around the ceiling without needing a permit to do so.

  • Drapery is a great option to accent lights because you don't necessarily see the bulbs themselves through the drapes. It highlights the ceiling in an elegant way that it's hard not to take notice. Chiffon is extremely light weight and adds a romantic feel to your night.

  • Uplighting is admirable when guests come into the venue. The lights sit on the ground shining up the wall and feature the surrounding perimeter. You can usually choose any color that you'd like with some exceptions like black, etc. It highlights the venue in an amorous way.

  • Monograms are extremely popular in the wedding industry. You can highlight your names, initials, the date, etc on the walls or floors. It is the anchor to the evening by being in the center of the room typically. It is a statement piece for all to see and admire all night long.

  • Chandeliers are an obvious choice. These come with the venue so when you are touring try to take notice. Some showcase antiquity while others showcase more of a modern feel. There are wrought iron ones, while others are made of glass. Photographer's rave about chandeliers because there are so many options while taking photographs.

  • Last but not least, dance floor lighting sets the mood for open dance. This is essential for getting guests comfortable on the dancefloor while having a blast. Some DJ companies are different, so ask before booking. We offer a gig bar that shines multi-colored motion sensored lights onto the dancefloor area. They detect the music and rotate to it leaving you and your guests dancing all night long.

  • Whether you are in the market for a DJ or simply need to light up your dance floor, feel free to contact us here. If you're also in need of a DJ, feel free to get a quote here. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to find quick information and insights on our wedding DJ services.

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