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What to Consider When Booking an Indianapolis DJ

DJ Connection has been a mainstay in the wedding industry since 1999, and our policy is to always keep the bride in mind, first and foremost, when it comes to their BIG DAY!! As you begin to look for your Indianapolis DJ, we understand that technology grows. Resources to help out with planning the wedding such as theKnot.com and WeddingWire.com practically become your best ally. Almost taking the place of your MOH! (Just Kidding!!) And, even though those sites are helpful and extremely resourceful, it shouldn’t eliminate the personal relationship you build with your vendors. Reviews are fantastic, and we don’t want to diminish their value since we have over 400 on Wedding Wire currently, but, there is a lot more to evaluate and consider when booking an Indianapolis DJ.


Location is a key component when deciding on an Indianapolis DJ. Consider this, is the DJ going to have to drive over 4 hours to get to the venue? This could create issues with travel fees, or create havoc when it comes to back up plans, arriving late to the venue and much, much more. Always ensure that the “Indianapolis DJ” is a DJ or a DJ company with an office in the Indianapolis area. So, in the case of an emergency with the equipment or car failure, a solution can happen instantaneously and swiftly, as if it never happened.


Imagine for a moment, that your wedding is like a newborn baby and you have to return to work. When you leave your baby with a caretaker or a babysitter, you wouldn’t want them to be someone you found on Craigslist or someone that has little to no experience, would you? That would stress you out to no end!! Now, consider your DJ being a “new” DJ. Would you want them to be fumbling through the night, trying to learn and gain experience on your special day? With that in mind, not only is location an excellent matter to factor in but so is how long your Indianapolis DJ has been DJing in Indianapolis. Are they a new company? How many shows/events have they performed? Is this a full-time gig for them or is it a side job? What is their training process like? All of these questions should be answered, one way or another, when selecting an Indianapolis DJ.

Insurance, Policies & Personality

This is one of the most common issues that can be overlooked when booking your DJ. Sometimes it is even asked after you’ve booked your DJ. Now, I bet you're asking yourself, “Why is insurance important?” Well, first off, most venues, if not all venues, require your vendors to have insurance. This is in place in case stands scratch up the floors, broken windows from speaker stands toppling over, electrical fires due to faulty equipment, or anything that could cause harm to the venue. Your DJ’s insurance should cover everything, so you won’t have to worry about it. Also, another issue following close behind insurance is the DJ’s policies. You don’t want your DJ to be drunk while DJing your wedding, do you? Check to see if your Indianapolis DJ can transfer dates in the case of deployment or a family emergency. Also, see what their cancellation or postponement policy is. Will you get your deposit back? One last thing to take into consideration when choosing your Indianapolis DJ is personality. When choosing your DJ, their personality can make or break and event. At DJ Connection, we like to match you up with a DJ whose personality matches what you are looking for when it comes to your BIG DAY. These are just a few things to consider when booking your DJ.


Now, this is a time to really consider, how you would like your night to go. What does your DJ include in terms of equipment? Do they charge by the hour, or do they offer unlimited time? What add-ons to do they offer? When it comes to DJ Connection, one of our main values is unlimited time. We let you have access to a fully customizable play list, and we help walk you through the evening with an event planner. We customize every package to exactly what you need for the night, and nothing is hidden from you. When talking to other Indianapolis DJ’s make sure you ask yourself, “Do I really need that mechanical bull they’re including?” Knowing how you want your night to go and how it will look will save you time, money and a headache.


Budget is a HUGE factor for most brides when looking for an Indianapolis DJ. And we suggest that you always plan out a budget before you start booking vendors. Consider where your wedding date falls during the year. If it’ during a peak season, vendors tend to charge more in price. Since your wedding is in Indianapolis, if you have your wedding during the week, in a non-peak part of the season, you could save some major money! A great resource is Brideside's FREE Wedding Budget Spreadsheet. Make sure to check it out!

When it comes to budgeting for a DJ in Indianapolis, think about what you need. Is it a DJ that you need for a small reception of 50 people or an epic extravaganza of 300 plus people! Consider your expectations for the DJ and how much your event depends on them. From there, decide on a price range you would like to stay within. If a DJ comes in below your budget, it doesn’t mean it’s a great deal. At the same time, if they come in at $100 over your budget, it doesn’t mean they are trying to nickel and dime you. Remember to also keep in mind everything you’ve read above this section.

These are just 5 things to consider when booking an Indianapolis DJ. Most importantly make sure that you find the best fit for you. When you find that, your day will go so much more smoothly and will be stress-free.

To contact DJ Connection Indianapolis: Call 317-207-4300 or check out djconnection.com for more details.

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