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There are too many decor ideas on Pinterest to even accomplish a fraction of them at your wedding.  There are some ideas that will most definitely create an “awe” experience, but some can be very complicated, and create too many moving parts. The more challenging ones can require you to put someone in charge of something they don’t necessarily want to be responsible for.  All of which can add up to unnecessary problems on your big day.

Uplighting and monogram lights, (a.k.a. “The GOBO Lights”) can be a simple, yet significant enhancement to your venue of choice. Typically you would use them to match your wedding colors, or in some cases, have them clash with primary colors and bring out your accents.

While some venues have a personality all their own, more neutral spaces such as tents, multi-purpose spaces, and banquet halls, will need your touch on the decor. Uplighting and Monograms will change the most challenging spaces into an epic wonderland.

Monogram & Uplighting Event DJ

Monograms can help add texture to the atmosphere by displaying designs like snowflakes or leaves across the ceiling to enhance a wintry wedding. They can also personalize your special date by stretching your names, the date, or a specially designed logo across the dance floor or above the head table. 

uplighting monogram event dj

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Uplighting will help you coat the room in color and completely change the atmosphere of the room to match your style. These are usually LED so they won’t harm kids and you will be able to change the color on the spot.

Here are a few tips when choosing lighting enhancements:

1. Ask your vendors that you already have.

Venues may offer lighting packages which may be an ideal place to go. Many DJ’s and Photographers may offer some of these enhancements as well.  An experienced event DJ will often provide the option as it will add to the atmosphere, thus encouraging people to enjoy the evening and dance.  For photographers, you can can’t believe the difference you will see in your photos for the rest of your life.

2. Look for focal points.

Areas, where lighting works best, are focal points of the evening.  Think about areas like the cake table, the sweetheart table, or even the bar.  Pillars in large rooms with tall ceilings can fascinate the area and really stand out.

3. Don’t overdo it.

Let’s not get crazy! Too many lights can defeat the purpose of highlighting the room. You also want to avoid spaces with very dark walls, as certain colors may not really show up at all.  Many country clubs have dark woods like mahogany and it is sometimes nice to bring out the wood with a soft white or amber color. 

uplighting monogram event dj
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It’s amazing on how far a little extra lighting can go - do your homework and transform your venue!

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