About Us

With a passion for Changing the World One Dance Floor at A Time, our team is guided by a set of core values.

Over Deliver

We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to exceed expectations and create a new standard of excellence. We wear this trait proudly, and it is the key to changing everyone’s definition of AWESOME!

Humorous Enthusiasm

With fun being the core ingredient of each and every event, we approach every situation with humorous enthusiasm to create an unforgettable experience. Every event has a beginning and an end, why not have fun?

Get It Done Attitude

Every situation has different resources available, and in turn different challenges. We never say “that’s not my job”, instead, we get it done. Our team embodies the spirit to make things happen and in many cases, save the day.

Pursue Growth and Learning

As a company we are focused on the personal and professional development of our team. By empowering our team, we will continue to set the standard across all industries. By studying companies like Disney and Zappos, we can bring a new energy to every phone call, to every high five, and to every dance floor.


We are enemies of “false kindness”, and we are honest when providing feedback. This helps our team have the edge to do and say what is necessary to ensure the highest degree of service is delivered, and create a solid, sustainable, efficient team.

Create the WOW

We do not want people to experience our service and simply walk away. We are passionate about finding ways to show people what an incredible entertainment experience looks like, and walk away saying “wow.”

Treat Everyone Like Family

While everyone has challenges and opinions, we have a truly unique compassion for people, and often go beyond the normal business/client relationship. This is the key to creating a culture where everyone wants to be.