Questions to Think About When Hiring a DJ: Pt 1

Bride and groom dancing at their wedding to the DJ playlist

Entertainment is a big part of your special day. A wedding DJ should be able to MC/Host as well. Your DJ service provider is essentially giving you away to your guests. This is a huge responsibility and it should be left in the hands of true professionals. So where do you start? What are some things you should know before talking to them?

We will go over a full list of questions to give you and your fiancé a head start in the planning process.

  1. How much does the DJ cost?
    Why it's Important: There are many moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding, so budget is important. Do they have hidden costs or fees? Are there travel fees? It's important to gauge how honest your DJ is before booking.

  2. Can you meet your DJ?
    Why it's Important: Personalities are hard to match. Gauging your DJs personality and work ethics before hand isn't a bad idea. Are they a good person? Will they pull if off without a hitch? It's easy to tell when you can meet face to face. Some companies do phone meet and greets as well.

  3. How early do you set up?
    Why it's Important: You wouldn't want your DJ showing up 20 minutes before the ceremony begins. They need to set up (find power outlets, etc), get acquainted with yourself and your groom, as well as your other vendors. This takes time. A usual set up for a DJ vendor is around 2 hours.

  4. Have you been to our Venue before?
    Why it's Important: It's important to know that the DJ is well known at the venue. That means that they are reputable and know the venue inside and out. Maybe you have visited once or twice, but they come regularly. This means that not only do other couples trust them, but the venue trusts them as well.

  5. Do you have bilingual DJs?
    Why it's Important: Your family means the world to you. You want them to be as involved as other guests who speak English. Don't let a language barrier hold you back. Some DJ companies have bilingual DJs, and some do not. Not to worry, you can always ask your DJ company if your friend/cousin wants to help MC the night in order to translate. If a DJ company won't allow this, they aren't as friendly as you thought.

  6. Do you have a back up plan for the DJ or equipment?
    Why it's Important: Your DJ could get sick. They could have been let go or moved on and that is exactly who you met. What does this mean now? Does the company provide a back up DJ? This also equates to equipment. If something shortages or breaks, what is the back up? Is someone bringing out additional equipment or is the DJ the only one that works for the company? These are must knows. You don't want to worry about this the day of. That's why you hire a professional.

  7. Is the DJ professional?
    Why it's Important: A professional DJ should dress in proper formal attire, as if they are a part of the wedding party. They should not drink, or smoke during your wedding or even on the property. They should be on time and be fully up to date on the current status of your timeline. They are a professional, and in those terms, they know exactly what they are doing.

  8. See Questions to Think About When Hiring a DJ: Pt 2 for more questions!

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