Ornaments for Newlyweds

Buying ornaments for newlyweds is a thoughtful and creative holiday gift that any couple will treasure forever. Years pass, and so do the Holiday's. We all tend to forget what is in our decoration boxes that are put up each year and with that, we're all surprised each year pulling them down. Luckily, many ornaments can be engraved with the year. With so many options, the team at DJ Connection has put together a list of our all time favorite ornaments for all newlyweds that are both fun and affordable. Perfect for the perfect couple in your life who deserves some thoughtful love this year!

The Minimalist Couple

simple white round ornament reading kristin and tommy married 07.21.16

This ornament is clean and crisp and makes it easy to pair with any style or decoration of their Christmas tree! Can easily be paired with multi-colors or a neutral palette.

Highlighted Review: Truly beautiful! The ornament is exactly as described, and will be a perfect bridal shower gift. Susan was great to work with to make sure I'd get my item on time. Thank you!

The Couple That Loves Their Dog Like Their Own

round wooden ornament with characterized illustrations of a couple's faces

This wooden ornament is perfect because it's fully customizable. It can fit in to any home decor with it's wooden elements. The paint is long lasting and so are their faces when they see it every year!

Highlighted Review: This shipped quickly and looks just like the photo. I asked Lauren to include my cat's clipped ear, and it came out perfectly!

The Timeless Couple

simple round glass ornament with a characature oh a bride an groom reading first christmas as Mr. and Mrs. 2018

This porcelain (ceramic) ornament has a gloss finish which leaves it sparkling against the lights on the tree year round. Each ornament is handmade and crafted for each buyer! What a way to remember your wedding day.

Highlighted Review: My husband and I collect ornaments, mostly when we visit a new place or even when we have a big event in our lives. I gave this ornament to my husband on the morning we got married, with a personal message I wrote on the back, which he loved and said it nearly moved him to tears :) Very good quality, definitely recommend!

The Couple That Got Married Around The Holidays

round white ornament reading our first Christmas married amber and ken 2018

This sweet double-sided ornament is perfect to anyone who had a Holiday Wedding! It's nostalgic of the decor that they most likely had at their wedding with a timeless wreath.

Highlighted Review: Looks exactly as shown on the demo starting picture. Love that it’s printed on both sides so if it spins it doesn’t matter.

The Sweetest Couple

 round white ornament with a gold and holly circle painted on with two dogs kissing reading 1st christmas as mr and mrs 2018

This one goes out to all of those times you caught the bride and groom loving on each other and can't keep eyes off each other. Their love is so sweet and so are these foxes!

Highlighted Review: It made a great gift! The ribbon is in the box and you tie it yourself. Packaged well.

The Stylish Couple

Bright white round ornament that reads john and anlexandra married 2018 surrounded by read and blue floral pattern painted on

This goes out to either the decor at their wedding or their home decor being s p o t o n everytime you see it! We all know those brides.. and wish we were them. Here's a little something to add to their perfect and polished collection.

Highlighted Review: I am very happy with my ornament. I asked for a change in the wording from what was pictured and it was done without a problem Thank you, it's beautiful!

The Stunning Couple

round ornament with a couples wedding photo printed on it reading our first christmas as mr and mrs smith 20xx

Whether they're stunning or have stunning couple's portraits, this is easily a winner and fully customizable! They'll always remember every detail of their day and the emotions they felt looking back at this sweet acrylic ornament!

Highlighted Review: This particular item warmed my heart. The ease of uploading pictures and modifying/editing is awesome. and this is now my favorite ornament for our tree! Thank you so much! The quality of the product is better than I anticipated and is now displayed front and center!

The Lovable Couple

round white ornament with two hedgehog characatures painted on reading olivia and david our first christmas married 10.26.18

So sweet and innocent! This is for the couple that either love animals or they're so sweet to each other! Marriage is about respect and understanding, and how else to be a reminder of that than to have an ornament of two hedgehogs in love?!

Highlighted Review: This is my 'go to' gift for newly engaged couples. I have purchased several over the past couple of years. My children's friends are getting engaged! Always exactly as described and ships promptly!

The Traditional Couple

glass ornament resembling the classic frame of the rear of a car reading just married with cans dragging behind the car

This fine china, 24 karat gold ornament is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree, especially couples who love timeless, ornate pieces to add to their collection. Lenox does a fantastic job at engraving and shipping on time!

Highlighted Review: My daughter and her husband said this ornament was a perfect memento to celebrate the year of their wedding. It was beautiful in its detail and of course, the personalization made it special.

The Modern Couple

clean round white marble ornament reading first christmas married mr and mrs jones 2018

This sweet and simple ornament features a botanical design with a marble backdrop. It's even sweeter if the couple had a botanical display at the altar. It also makes a lovely 'Welcome to your new home!' present because it can be paired with any design or color scheme.

Highlighted Review: Love this ornament! I got it for my husband for our first Christmas as husband and wife. It's beautiful on the tree as it is simple, bright, and classic!

The Bubbly Couple

red card ornament reading love peace joy and kisses our first christmas as mr and mrs olivia and george est november 17, 20xx

You don't only have to love rhyming to love this sweet ornament! Filled with affirmations and love, it's a perfect testimony to the joy of Christmas & marriage!

Highlighted Review: About the Product: Beautiful ornament, exactly what I expected. Nice size and thickness. About the Print: Picture was clear, color was great.

The Couple That Loves Details

layered round metalic circles bound by a red ribbon reading 2018 becca and jonathan our 1st christmas as mr and mrs

This unique ornament features 3 metals: nickel silver, copper, and sterling silver and is fully customizable! You can remember every detail with this piece!

Highlighted Review: Absolutely a beautiful,classy ornament. The seller seems to make various items such as jewelry and I saved her information she included to purchase more items from her in the future. Great prices. Would make wonderful teacher gifts, gifts for the person who has everything or even something for yourself. Excellent quality. Very impressive.

Every couple loves to remember dates and small things, especially as time passes. They're small momentos in the big picture. Time flies and so do memories, especially getting into a new routine (as newlyweds do!) but there's nothing quite like being reminded of a special date! Or even the reminder that it's okay to take life a little more slowly. To enjoy the moments and the memories. At the very least, it earns them a smile. Bonus: you'll be thought of fondly every year when they unbox their holiday decorations.

We hope this helps with some ideas on what ornaments your favorite newlywed couple will enjoy and prize for the rest of their life! With other events going on in life whether it be: corporate parties, birthday's, etc we're always here to help make it special! For contact information, feel free to click here & for a quote on our packages, click here!

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