Our DJs

Training Don’t like the TSA or time limits on your events? Neither do we! Thats why all of our packages include unlimited time. We set up 2-3 hours before the guests arrive and will be there until your planned end time.
Survey The HR department will email you a survey after your event asking to rate the DJ on how happy you are with your DJC experience. This allows us to give the DJs bonuses based on the satisfaction of our clients. Basically, this process allows us to motivate our DJs to care about every single event that they do. We are obsessed with constantly improving, and this allows us to get feedback from every event.
Cage-Free DJs Our DJs were raised in a cage free environment. This is the main reason they are so happy and joyful. We can legally say that they were never “physically” harmed in the training process despite what the media may say. For more information about how we raise our DJs or our customer service team, please feel free to email us to receive our politically correct flyer on DJ rights.
Seriously though, our quality of events is one of the most important things we focus on. Our company thrives on checklists and merit based pay and bonuses so much that when someone comes to work for us they are caught off-guard and sometimes frightened at how much their effort and quality of work effects their overall pay and position in the company. We as a company are always learning and studding together. We have learned from great leaders like Jack Welch (Former CEO of GE) and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos.com) that you have to take care of your people but you also need to put systems in place to make sure that they are caring for the work that they are doing.