• The DJ Connection crew was fantastic to work with. They were helpful, patient, and a blast to work with. I knew nothing about organizing or planning the evening of our wedding. They handled it all! The process of determining what we wanted and didn't want was a breeze and they were always available to answer any question we had. Our DJ took great care of us the night of our wedding without being glued to our hip the entire night. He kept us on a flexible schedule which kept the party going strong. Plus, we have the best wedding party/DJ selfie ever! We enjoyed working with them and would work with them again in a heartbeat! Thanks, DJ Connection!
    Britney C
  • You get to choose the involvement/energy of yoir DJ based on the style of your wedding, choose your music, and put in special requests. Absolutely loved using DJ Connection and wouldn't have it any other way. All my guests loved them!
    Leslie W
  • Like everyone else, from the minute I spoke with DJ Connection, I instantly liked them! I met them at a Bridal Show and they had me in tears from laughing so much! They are such a fun group that truly love what they do. They are SO helpful throughout the entire process too. They had tons of recommendations when I needed them, and made sure we were on the same page for everything. Our DJ and was incredible!! He didn't interrupt my evening like some I have seen, but he still kept me in the loop, made sure I was happy, and read the crowd really well. He even got in on our sparkler exit!!! They do follow up calls with you to make sure they have every detail perfect so you don't have to worry about anything on your wedding day. There's an online planner to use, and you can add songs to it up until the week of the wedding. This was perfect for me, as I would randomly think of a song, I could add it right then! Or if I changed my mind, I didn't have to make any phone calls, I could just adjust the list. Their prices are awesome compared to others, and it is worth every penny!1
    Katie H
  • DJ connection was seriously amazing. I left the DJ part of the wedding up to my husband. Had to give him some tasks :) and he did great! He loved the humor of the company and knew it would perfect. They were extremely helpful and even did a conference call with my husband and I because we both were working late. Great customer service! The wedding day was perfect! Our DJ and HE WAS THE BEST! I wish I could put a picture on here because we have wedding photos where he is dancing with us and that was so special! He even troubleshooted when the sound when our during the ceremony. Of course that would happen :) I was sitting next to my dad and he is running in the reception hall to grab a huge speaker and within 1 minute the ceremony was back in action. Highly highly recommend DJ Connection. We have had friends that used them for their wedding too and we all can't say enough great things about them!
    Lindsay S
  • My now husband and I chose DJ Connection for our wedding after a recommendation from a friend who used them for their wedding. They were one of the easiest vendors to work with - so accommodating and did everything we wanted without complaints. We even altered the reception timeline the day of and this wasn't a problem for them! The dancing at our wedding was so much fun thanks to you guys! Highly recommend!
    Jennifer B
  • DJ Connection was easy to communicate with from day one. Adding our requests was as simple as a push of a button and our DJ did a great job picking songs after seeing our suggestions. Our DJ was fun and friendly and helped get people dancing on the floor. Their prices were great and we would highly recommend them!
    Sierra C
  • Our DJ was GREAT! He was polite, appeared excited to be there helping us host our guests and we had an amazing time. The price was right for what we needed and I'm sure if we had wanted to play some other songs, he would have been happy to oblige. I know my husband set up everything with them and he said it was very easy to make the song list and work with them.
    Corina C
  • Loved everything about DJ Connection!! Having a good DJ was very important to me. I wanted my wedding to be one that people remembered because they had so much fun. DJ Connection exceeded my expectations! They took great care when it came to planning and scheduling, which helped to put me at easy. On the big day our DJ played all the right songs and kept everything flowing perfectly. Everyone was having a great time! He was so attentive and even made sure I had something to drink and was happy. He also stayed and helped us with clean up! DJ Connection went above and beyond. I am so glad that I chose them for my DJ!
    Elizabeth W
  • I love DJ Connection! They were great about working with me prior to my wedding and the particular DJ I had ) was really flexible when our timeline didn't go exactly to plan. He made everything run smoothly and played great songs all night long! I would highly recommend this company and will use them in the future!
    Kathryn W
  • If you want an amazing music experience at your wedding, you need to hire DJ Connection! Our DJ was PERFECT! His timing was on point, he did a great job announcing our events, and he played an awesome selection of songs. We are not only thoroughly impressed with the DJ but the support staff is equally as great. They are incredibly friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend their services!
    Kelsey W
  • We CANNOT say enough great things about DJ Connection!!!! The dance floor was completely full all night and he catered it to exactly what we wanted instead of playing just general dance songs. Both before dancing during dinner, and during dancing, the song choices were EXCELLENT and everyone had a blast. Their communication was prompt, clear, and put us at ease leading up to the big day. They planned out the entire wedding by the minute, which made us feel so good knowing someone would keep the flow going! Quite literally an amazing experience with DJ Connection. HIGHLY recommend them for your wedding or event!!!
    Emily F
  • DJ Connection was amazing. Putting together our song list and keeping it all organized was super easy with their website. The DJ was so awesome full of energy and kept us all on the floor. We couldn't have picked a better DJ. He was awesome!!!
    Nicole K
  • DJ Connection was perfect! They stuck to what we asked of them, they kept the wedding reception moving along perfectly and even brought a microphone for our officiate. I was so pleased with how they were exactly how energetic we asked for. We could not have been more pleased!
    Cora L
  • DJ Connection was THE BEST!!!! Our DJ played exactly what we wanted, kept the reception moving, and had a great attitude! Everyone LOVED him and we had a blast on the dance floor all night long! We love DJ Connection and highly recommend them to anyone needing musical services! THANK YOU for making our wedding day amazing!a
    Kassia S
  • We were very happy with DJ connection! Our DJ was extremely flexible with the schedule we had made. He also made sure to check with us before he announced things, such as cake cutting, toasts, dances, etc. It made it very helpful so we were prepared for what was next. If at any point we needed a few minutes, he handled it perfectly!
    Emily J
  • I can't say enough good things about these guys! Every single part of working with them went smoothly and was even enjoyable! They input a bit of humor into everything while still managing to be extremely professional. The online portal for choosing music and adjusting the timeline was so easy and convenient! I was worried about if they'd be able to accommodate what we were looking for in a DJ - we were having a very elegant wedding at a country club but we didn't want anyone too serious because we, of course, wanted the reception to be laid back and fun, but we didn't want it to be too off-the-wall and clash with the elegance theme. They pulled through by getting us someone who was so great to work with and was just the perfect balance between serious and relaxed. He kept us on track and engaged well with the guests. If you're looking for a DJ, you have to go with DJ Connection!
    Sara S
  • I'm so glad I spent the extra money for a DJ. Not only is DJ Connection affordable but their customer service is top notch! Every call I had with them put my mind at ease and their website to add your playlists is so helpful. Our DJ did everything seamlessly. It was so great to not have to worry about the music or introductions. We were able to enjoy our night and have our guests taken care of. I would definitely recommend them to any bride/groom! They truly want you to be 100% satisfied.
    Hayley M
  • DJ Connection as a company was very easy to work with and very responsive to any calls or e-mails. They helped us with our wedding timeline and helped make recommendations on song choices for certain events (like garter toss.) All of our guests were on the dance floor and they played all of the songs we asked them to. They also helped with our slideshow and were able to find a specific version of Brown Eyed Girl for my stepdad and I to dance to that NO ONE else was able to get online or on a cd.
    Lindsay J
  • DJ Connection was by far the BEST choice I made for our wedding! Not only was our DJ extremely professional and punctual, he made sure the entire event timeline stayed on track! I cannot thank our DJ enough for checking with me each time a change came up to ensure we were ok with it! We received multiple compliments from guests about how awesome our DJ was. Also, the service team who helped behind the scenes for planning were outstanding! There's a reason they've received so many Knot Awards, year after year! Thank you so much!!!!
    Christy M
  • Wow, where do I even begin. These people are amazing. My DJ truly helped my wedding come to life. I've been to many weddings, seen many djs, and was blown away at their level of service and performance at my wedding! Thank you DJ connections.
    Ashley A
  • I was not the kind of person who would have planned to use a DJ in my wedding, but my wedding package included one, and I am SOOOOO glad! I have been recommending DJ Connection to everyone since my wedding. They made everything run so smoothly! It made the day so much less stressful. We loved our DJ. He was so fun and a great emcee. All the guests had a blast at the reception, and I give credit to him. If you're on the fence about using a DJ at all or about using DJ Connection, I say 100% for sure choose them! It was the best decision we made for the reception.
    Rachel S
  • Music was just about the most important reception element for me. Yes, food and cake and all that are important, but if it's not a party, why even have a reception? And music makes the party. DJ Connection made the reception absolutely the greatest party I have ever been to. The DJ was professional, kept the party rolling without being intrusive, had all of the microphones and sound equipment for the ceremony, and fulfilled all of our requests. In the planning phases, talking to them on the phone was a blast. The company has a great sense of humor, but is also very professional. You can tell that this business is important to them, and while their business is to help people have fun, it is also a great honor to be the DJ at a person's wedding. DJ's can make or break a party, and they seem to take that to heart. The music selection is great, and we had many songs that aren't super radio popular. They had no trouble finding them and playing them. They are also very affordable, seem to be much less expensive than other outfits in the area. On the day of, our DJ checked in with us, let us know what to expect, and also very kindly and gently helped us to stay on track when we were getting behind schedule talking to people. He made sure we had everything we wanted music wise, took people's requests, and made a few timely, but not overbearing announcements. Super fun night, super fun DJ experience, would certainly recommend to anyone needing a DJ.
    Tara S
  • DJ Connection was fantastic! The whole team was very energetic. They were very helpful in making sure we were matched with the perfect DJ that best fit our needs. They are super affordable and fun to work with. DJ Connection is very organized and makes it easy for you to manage you song lists of songs you want played and songs you don't want played. I loved how I could enter in a comment about how I wanted a certain song to start at a specific time and they made sure the DJ did just that. They arrived on time like they said they would. They provided excellent service and were very professional.
    Sammye H
  • They were amazing from the first phone call to the end of my wedding! The. Entire staff is upbeat and very attentive to your wants/needs to make sure your day is nothing short of fun! I highly recommend them to anyone.
    Amanda T
  • DJ Connection was a true delight from the very first phone call to the end of the night of our reception. Highly recommend as you have so much control over your timeline, what will/will not be played, etc, via a website login
    Mia C
  • Our experience with DJ Connection was phenominal. They were extremely responsive to any questions/issues that we had. Our DJ was great, he kept our guests very entertained. Definitely recommend!
    Kendra N
  • Hiring DJ Connection was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. Their online event planner let me choose the music for all the different parts of the wedding. If I ever had a question, the people at the main office were insanely helpful and really friendly! On the day of the wedding, the DJ was both professional and fun. He transitioned smoothly from event to event, and also ran a personalized trivia style game for us. I could relax and enjoy the party because I didn't have to worry about forgetting something important. Would definitely recommend this company!
    Ashley S
  • The DJ Connection was such an incredible vendor to work with for my wedding in July of 2016. The staff fully encompasses the friendly, humorous and helpful vibe of the company from the very start. They had a great selection of music and added any request I had, and the DJ who hosted our event was funny, kind, and awesome at picking music for the moment! I highly recommend this company for any event!
    Madeleine B
  • My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend DJ Connection for your wedding. Working with them was so easy. They had excellent customer service and a great website for planning the music for your event. The DJ who played at our wedding was incredible. He really went above and beyond the duties of playing music by periodically checking if my husband and I needed anything, being conscientious of the timing of the wedding and name pronunciations, and just being a great guy! We had a live musician as well who he had to work with to get set up, which he handled easily. Their DJ service is an incredible value, we're so happy with what we got! Thanks again!!!
    Amanda G
  • DJ Connection did an excellent job at our wedding. They did both the ceremony and reception music and it was great! The DJ that worked the wedding was so friendly and even got out on the dance floor with some of my guests to show them a particular dance, which they loved. Even the people I worked with prior to the event were so nice and helpful, I would most certainly use this company again.
    Megan C
  • They are super easy to work with, the website makes it so easy to pick your songs. Our DJ was great, he did a great job keeping everyone moving and kept the whole wedding on track. Highly recommended them for your DJ service.
    Jen H
  • DJ Connection was always fun to work with. They were professional and funny. They were very willing to work with us. They are group of people that vet DJs and help connect you to the DJ you need for your event. Our DJ was lots of fun and kept the momentum of the evening going. He worked with us and helped keep the schedule going, even when it changed. He also unobtrusively checked with my husband and I a few times throughout the evening, just to touch base and make sure everything was going how we wanted it to. I appreciated that and would definitely recommend using a DJ from DJ Connection to DJ your event.
    Rachael S
  • DJ Connection did such a good job at our wedding ceremony & reception! From the very first phone call up until the end of the night, they were so great to work with. They're super affordable, fun, quirky, and they kept the party going. Our DJ did such a good job and he seemed to have a lot of fun himself! He introduced himself right when he got there, and did a good job of checking in throughout the night and helping to keep us on track of the schedule. He also played some major jams and we've had several people tell us our wedding was the best and most fun wedding they'd ever been too!
    Lauren R
  • I couldn't be happier with my DJ. They were very accommodating to the venue I held it which was more difficult to play music than others. Also, during the whole process everyone was so pleasant and fun to talk with! I love this business and recommend it to everyone!
    Mitchell H
  • DJ Connection was seriously the life of the party! They seamlessly made our wedding day have the best soundtrack! From the beginning stages of planning to the big day..they were professional, communicative and all around awesome! Our DJ was a rock star! He delivered on so many levels! The music was awesome and karaoke... yes - we had karaoke at our reception and it was a hit! Thanks to DJ Connection the energy was kept alive from start to finish. I would highly recommend them :) #grateful
    Dalaina E
  • My husband and I are so thankful that we chose DJ connection for our wedding day! The company as a whole was extremely professional and easy to work with. They contacted us to set up times to talk about our wedding day timeline and playlists; they never waited for us to contact them with questions. They also have an online portal which was an organized and stress free way to pick out our songs and arrange our timeline. We firmly believe that the dj can make or break the reception and our dj did an awesome job! We ran behind on our timeline during our reception and the DJ did a great job of making up time while making everything feel smooth and relaxed. Our DJ was a lot of fun, very professional, and was the only one of our vendors to congratulate us on our wedding day. We highly recommend DJ Connection for your wedding day. They will make planning your reception enjoyable and you can trust that they will take care of everything on your big day!
    Jared M
  • Very impressed with the service we received. Our DJ really ran the show. He kept up with the timeline and made sure we were doing ok. He even went and got us drinks while we were taking pics. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs a DJ.
    Lindsay D
  • Perfect. Simply perfect. DJ connections was the perfect choice for our wedding. When we met them at a bridal show we couldn't help but be impressed. After seeing a bunch of cheesy, over the top DJ's the first question they asked was what level of excitement the DJ should bring, as it was our day we said a 5 or 6 and that is exactly what they did. They provided the music for our wedding and then kept party going for our reception. Their planners helped us plan the event, got our timeline straight and kept up with last minute requests and changes. They were perfect and I couldn't offer any greater words of praise.
    Kimberly B
  • DJ Connection did a wonderful job and made picking the music so much fun and so easy!! They really made our barn wedding complete!
    Morgan S
  • So amazing! Super helpful and I felt like I was a guest at my own wedding! I had absolutely no stress to do anything our dj was on top of everything and kept the flow going all day and worked with each vendor to make sure everything worked out!! It was easily one of the best decisions to use them!
    Meagan P
  • Hiring DJ Connection was honestly one of the absolute best decisions I made while planning my wedding. They were extremely pleasant, enthusiastic, and competent in the planning phase and always got back to me right away when I had questions. Then, on the day of the wedding, as I was getting ready people kept coming back telling me how much they loved my DJ. When I met him, I understood why. Throughout the whole event, he made sure I had food, drinks, and anything else I needed on top of keeping the dancing going with music choices catered from our list and the guests. I had so much fun at my reception and a good part of it was due to DJ Connection. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
    Melissa D
  • Our DJ was hands-down the MVP of our wedding. He kept my husband and me in the loop as things were happening without being over-attentive or overbearing. Each time he spoke with us, he offered to get us drinks or anything else we needed. Leo went above and beyond. The online planning tools and phone calls made us feel very at ease and prepared. We knew exactly what was going to happen and when. I would highly recommend Leo and DJ Connection.
    Katie C
  • We had a great experience with them. They were very flexible with our busy schedule and made sure that we had everything we needed. They played all of our requests and had a fantastic playlist during the wedding. They did a great job capturing the feel that we wanted our reception to have. Very highly recommend
    Sarah M
  • I don’t usually do reviews but I feel like I have to review DJ Connection! They were amazing! From the first time I spoke to them it was obvious that customer service was a top priority. That translated into our wedding day. Our DJ kept the flow of everything going. He truly stuck to the day of schedule we completed on their website and played the songs we requested be played at the wedding. The online portal that is used for song requests and day of scheduling is awesome and gives tips of songs you may want to use. They buy any songs they can which was also great! The day of our wedding our DJ felt like he was our longtime friend. He read our crowd and made sure someone was always on the dance floor. When the crowd started to sit he knew what songs to play to get them back up and dancing and the party going. He also got us drinks…he would look over and see if we needed drinks from the bar!! I can’t say enough positive things about our DJ experience!
    Monica P
  • DJ Connection is amazing! I got married in November of 2015 and they were my DJ. I am so happy I used them! They let me and fiancé be involved in charge choosing songs and genres of music and they helped me find songs for certain parts of the wedding that I was unsure of. They were always professional and friendly! Our DJ made sure the time line of the wedding ran smoothly and made sure to check with me on final details. He was fun and upbeat and everyone had a great time!! I have had several people tell me that my wedding was the most fun wedding they have ever been to and I know that a lot of that was due to our incredible DJ! DJ Connection offers nothing but the best and I will definitely use them for future events! You will not be disappointed when you use them! My company even uses them at the office Christmas party which I love!
    Knot User
  • Wow!! I'm not even sure how to begin to review DJ Connection...everything with everyone I talked to and worked with was absolutely incredible!! Planning was so easy and everything turned out exactly as we wanted!! AND our DJ!!!! He fit into our wedding perfectly! We had so much fun with him there and it felt like he was truly a part of our day! Everyone LOVED him! If you are looking for a DJ company that provides everything you need, makes set up and planning super easy, and feels like family at your big day these are your guys!! Thank you DJ Connection!!!
    Erin K
  • This was one of the easier items to check off when planning our wedding. Customer service was top notch!
    Wendy C
  • DJ Connection was just what my husband and I were looking for. They are an extremely fun company- I actually wanted to be put on hold, just so I could hear their ringback tones! Their website to plan the playlist was easy to understand, and with most of our songs being 'add your own', they found them and used them- without extra cost or anything. The DJ that we had played everything that we wanted and was extremely professional and personable. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a fun, cost effective, dedicated DJ.
    Elisabeth R
  • Awesome Awesome Awesome!! They kept the flow of the reception on point, they coordinated with videographer and photographer with shot list and dance flow! They were absolutely everything I wanted and more! I had no questions during the ceremony-- as to what was happening next, they communicated great! They called the week of and confirmed every song choice! Answered any and all questions without being "put out." Highly recommend them!
    Laci M
  • DJ Connection was awesome!! He didn't miss a beat when there was a minor hiccup with the ceremony. He even participated in some of the group dances by showing us all some moves! I never though I'd see my grandparents line dancing, but thanks to Eric, he got everyone involved!! Thank you DJ Connection for making our big day fun!
    Bethany M
  • The DJ was wonderful and extremely friendly. He did a wonderful job and kept our reception full of energy and fun. Would definitely recommend them!
    Laura B
  • Amazing! Our DJ was amazing right on point and did everything perfect!! Always asked before doing something and was so prepared(even when I wasn't). I know who to go to for any of my DJ needs! Love them!!!
    Brittany M
  • DJ connection was an awesome company to work with for my wedding. It was so easy to get online and make song request and they had great suggestions for special songs at the reception. The music was perfect and the DJ was so accommodating.
    Jennifer G
  • This DJ company was great! Our DJ, and he was perfect! He was fun, friendly, and upbeat the entire time! He did the music for our ceremony and reception and it was awesome! He was on time, professional, low stress, and just an all around good time. Also, this company calls and goes over every little detail of the wedding and then confirms everything again right before the wedding. I highly recommend!
    Britni W
  • We loved working with DJ Connection! Very professional group of DJ's! They listened to our requests and kept the reception how we wanted it-low key. This was a concern for us, but when it was all over my husband, our parents, and myself were very impressed with our DJ! He checked in to make sure everything was going okay and how I wanted. Made sure the music was what I wanted. We were very pleased and if we need a DJ in the future DJ Connection is who we will contact first! Thank you for making our night wonderful!
    Kayla B
  • They were so awesome and easy to work with and made sure everything went smoothly and perfect. Highly recommended! Our DJ was great and made it a lot of fun!
    Allison L
  • My DJ was awesome! He was so much fun and willing to help with everything relating to music or not. He definitely helped keep the day going smoothly and helped get the guest where they should be for special events! Overall Great job!!
    Jennifer H
  • We used DJ connection for our ceremony and for the reception. They were great for both! The DJ keep the party going but also was able to have classical music for the ceremony and during dinner. They really tailor the music to what you want. Their online system was also very easy to use to pick out songs for special times in the evening. Very professional and able to work with you.
    Jessica V
  • I was skeptical about using a preferred vendor from the venue; assuming they would price gouge me but that wasn't the case with DJC I am glad to have booked them! Our DJ was wonderful and he kept the music and party going even after everyone left and we were trying to clear out the venue. Our DJ was attentive to mine and my hubby's needs throughout the night. He was a great host/emcee and kept to the timeline we created and overall kept the atmosphere happy and energetic. Definitely consider booking them again for future events :-)
    Fifi N
  • We loved DJ Connection! Our DJ was great. He knew when to stop a song, when to start a song when to talk and when to not talk. He came up to me frequently making sure I was prepared for the next showcase, such as the bouquet toss. He allowed guests to requests songs and was a great emcee for the evening. We would recommend DJ Connections to anyone.
    Tatum W
  • DJ Connection was so awesome!!! Our DJ was so flexible and was great at rolling with the punches and working with a few last minute changes! He was so good about doing things exactly how I wanted and making sure we were on the same page about everything! He did an awesome job of keeping people on the dance floor all night and every single guest made it to the floor atleast once and the dance floor was never empty, not once! I danced the night away thanks to DJ Connection! He was so professional and also very comfortable to work with, he was a great friend to us and we felt that we were in good hands all night. Never a dull moment with DJ Connection and the music played was fantastic. Absolutely perfect job, wouldn't have changed a thing!
    Knot User
  • DJ Connection was awesome, it was really convenient I could get online on their planner and outline the schedule for them, write any sidenotes and update my song requests up until a week before the wedding. They did a great job, kept everyone dancing and had a lot of fun extras with games (we did the shoe game, group photo shots to shout, dollar dance, anniversary dance, couples last dance) I would recommend them to others!
    Audrey P
  • I would absolutely have DJ Connection again!!! They are on the ball- if you need anything, they are truly very helpful. There were a few songs that I could not find on the website but I called them and they got it on there. Our DJ was OUTSTANDING!! He kept coming up to me throughout the night and asking me if I needed anything different or if everything was ok! My favorite part was the fact that they have their own up-lighting and they had where you can design your OWN INITIAL/NAME to be shown on the dance floor!
    Brooke C
  • I am so glad we hired DJ Connection for our wedding. I originally had not planned on spending that much money on a DJ, but for everything they provide and the wonderful service, it is totally worth it! As someone who has never planned a wedding before I often had no clue what I was doing but they were so helpful. The DJ the day of was awesome. He had great energy and played the perfect music based on what we had picked and the energy of the guests. I would recommend them to anyone!
    Laura A
  • The DJ Connection team was AMAZING!! I was having trouble picking out some of the songs since you need one for so many different things. They were so helpful and provided me with a variety of songs so I could choose the best fit for us. They all seemed to genuinely love their job and be just as happy and excited for my big day as I was. Our DJ was beyond helpful the day of my wedding. He would check in with me often to make sure everything was going okay and to my liking as well as let me know it was time to do the next thing on my timeline. The DJ is the core and most vital piece to a wedding (in my opinion). He read the crowd and when he noticed people up and dancing to certain songs he would play more songs similar and kept the party going. I had tons of people tell me how much fun my wedding was and how great the music selection was. He even got out there with us to teach us a new hip hop line dance. We had a blast and I have recommended them to 2 friends of mine that are getting married within the next year both of which were at my wedding. They immediately booked with them after. Can’t say enough great things about them. DJ Connection made my wedding day everything I dreamed of and more.
    Lacy S
  • I loved my experience with DJ Connection. When planning my wedding, communication was key for me. I wanted my vendors to reach out to me to ensure that everything were to run smoothly and we were all on the same page; DJ Connection did just that. DJ connections stays connected, they emailed updates and called personally. They conducted a phone interview and really got to know the bride and groom's preferences for their wedding day music. Based upon those interviews they picked out the perfect DJ to host our event. I loved the online portal where we chose the music we wanted to hear on our big day, from walking down the aisle to the reception. It was nice to sit down with my husband to be and plan the music out on our own time from our computer at home over an extended period of time. The DJ we had stuck to all of the music we had picked out, and I loved that. Our DJ kept the event running smoothly, also he was able to lighten the mood after we got poured on by rain at the ceremony by playing "I've got sunshine." The experience was so simple and smooth, and that is what you want when planning your wedding! This one was a no brainer for us.
    Lacey A
  • DJ connection was great. They were very energetic and well organized. I loved the online account. It helped me stay organized and it made the week of call very easy. They did a wonderful job.
    Amanda M
  • They were fantastic!! The staff from their company was always available through email or over the phone. They were very professional, and seemed to have our dream wedding in mind. Our DJ did a great job keeping our guests involved and having a good time. We absolutely loved it! (And a good price too!)
    Corey L
  • We couldn't have asked for a more fun and energetic DJ! We told him we wanted to party and he kept the party going all night!!! We had a blast and all of our guest keep commenting on how awesome our DJ was. We look forward to working with them again.
    Katie K
  • Everything went amazing, stress free, and was wonderful! All of the guests at our wedding enjoyed all of the music and the DJ made everything go very smoothly for my husband and I! I definitely recommend DJ Connections!!!
    Knot User
  • I truly did enjoy our DJ and working with DJ connection. I would recommend them to anyone, really. They defiantly make it easy for you to make list of what you want and help you plan out your timelines.
    Catherine L
  • The DJ Connection was a professional quality vendor. They were prompt, courteous, & a pleasure to work with. I was very impressed with the software that they use to load the songs and fill in the detail for the timeline of events. It was easy to use, thorough, and allows you to customize everything that you want played that night (which we took full advantage of). On the day of the event, our DJ did a great job of updating us (the bride & groom) and seeking clarification and confirmation when needed. He played music for both the ceremony and the reception. He handled the entirety of both events very well and all of our guest feedback was extremely positive. I recommend the DJ Connection for your wedding (or other event) without hesitation.
    Knot User
  • Our DJ was the best we could have asked for!! Every one at DJ Connections was so pleasant to deal with throughout the planning process but Kenny was the icing on the cake! He played every song we requested on our website! If there was a song we wanted to hear that wasn't on our request list, he found it for us so that we could dance to it. He was awesome when he played a song and no one was dancing he was quick to play a different song to get people on the dance floor! He was so sweet and nice! He was the BEST!
    Ally W
  • DJ Connection gets you hyped up about your wedding, as if you weren't already!! They call and check in, online posting for the songs you'd like, and if your unsure about your timeline, they will map it out for you, for free! All night, our DJ kept the wedding following and us in line with the timeline! He kept the party going and everyone had a great time! He kinda served as the day of coordinator! It was absolutely perfect!
    Michaela G
  • Every person we spoke to at this company was so helpful! They had great tips and ideas! Our DJ was great! He even knew how to pronounce my name (which is difficult for some people to pronounce)! Our guests were dancing the whole night and had nothing but great things to say! We recommend DJ Connection wholeheartedly!
    Nidia G
  • My goal at the wedding was to dance to music my friends and I love. They beyond exceeded our expectations. Jake our DJ was on point. For the dinner I only suggested a genre...he played everything I would have chosen myself. They made my wedding night dreams come true!
    Jaime G
  • DJ Connection was wonderful during the planning process but even then I was worried I was going to have a cheesy DJ and people wouldn't really be out on the dance floor. The DJ was more than I could have asked for. We had multiple dance offs and even the DJ and photographer/videographers were on the floor dancing. It was an amazing night thanks to the energy of the DJ. I wouldn't have changed a thing about hiring DJ Connection! My guests are still telling me how awesome our DJ was. If you are unsure DJ Connection won't disappoint.
    Whitney B
  • I used DJ Connection for my wedding based on a recommendation from a friend. All I can say is WOW. They were by far the easiest to work with out of all of my vendors! They have it together! Their event website was easy to use and helped me make all my music selections. The DJ we had was awesome and did exactly what I wanted! I had selected about 7 songs they did not have and they purchased them to have...no problem! Their sound system sounded great as well. Everything was perfect. I highly, highly recommend to anyone..,for any event!
    Bettina S
  • They helped me to have an amazing reception! Not only that but they are so much fun to work with! Taking on the phone with them, I always came away with a smile. My wedding had DJ Ian to keep the party rolling... He was attentive and listened to our requests! I would recommend this company for any event! They were a dream to work with!!!
    Sam B
  • This was my favorite vendor to work with. Our wedding wouldn't have been half the party it was without them. I highly recommend this company. They will travel almost anywhere and were so prepared. They are very educated on what song to play next according to your guest.
    Gabby M
  • Im still planning my wedding but these guys have been there every step of the way! They were so amazing with setting up day of entertainment plans and they suggested many great caterers and other vendors! Absolutely love them and cant wait to see how they are at the wedding!
    Kelsey B
  • I loved my experience with DJ connection. They were the first vendor I checked off my list. They kept my wedding going smoothly and I was able to reach out to my DJ for any questions or concerns during the wedding that didn't even concern the music and he was helpful! He stuck to the music I picked out and "read" the audience to know when they needed what type of music.
    Shauna H
  • Each and every person we have ever spoken to from DJ Connection has personality for days. We had one simple request: feed off of the guests and keep the party going strong! They had so many suggestions and ideas that really made our day unforgettable. I cannot emphasize enough how important the DJ is and how much DJ Connection truly delivers! We also purchased uplighting which they took the time to find the exact color we wanted and it turned out spectacular. We were beyond satisfied with DJ Connection and our guests still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding!!! THANK YOU DJ CONNECTION!!
    Angela G
  • The experience was fun! They made our reception venue look a lot warmer and cozier with the up-lights. And the DJ was awesome! He played all the songs on our playlist and kept the energy of the party.
    Lourena D
  • Every person that I talked to throughout the process was so hilarious. They seem genuinely funny, too. They helped me out so much and had a ton of helpful suggestions! I absolutely loved them and strongly encourage you to use them! They will make your wedding so much fun!
    Elizabeth C
  • They were more than willing to deal with all of my last minute requests, the DJ was charismatic and kept everyone dancing and entertained. He even did a little break dancing for us! He taught everyone the line dances and joined in for a few, I got so many compliments on the DJ
    Cassidy K
  • We received so many compliments on the DJ and how things moved smoothly and seamlessly! He also played great music and kept our guests (and us) on the dance floor. My husband and I have attended several weddings and the weddings that have DJ connection hosting are the absolute best! I would recommend them to anyone!
    Virginia T
  • Seriously, everyone knows DJ connection is the best DJ service in Tulsa. I didn't even think about having anyone else! They are so fun, really listen to what you like, and they're "music" when they rarely put you on hold is hysterical! Don't even look around. DJ connection is the best. We even renting uplighting from them and they set it up!
    Madison W
  • They think of everything. I had no idea how to prepare music for a party our size but they think of everything down to the last detail. It was huge relief for me to not have to think about it and it really helped keep the party flowing. Our dj was really nice and definitely took into consideration that we wanted to keep the music clean for our company. They are easy to reach and was able to talk to them multiple times about the wedding details. Also very affordable.
    Nichole B
  • The DJ did an amazing job! He even had to move his equipment from the ceremony to reception and did it quickly and quietly! He kept the party going until we almost fell over. They did a great job and would highly recommend them!!
    Carole K
  • I LOVED every min. of my time with DJ Connection. Every phone conversation down to the Thank You note I received from our DJ my experience with DJ Connection was FANTASTIC! They are hard workers who put YOU first! I will be using them for parties in the future, because I simply can not get enough of these guys!!
    Marissa S
  • Our DJ was above and beyond our expectations. We gave him a detailed time table for the evening and he stuck to it, even checking with me a few minutes before an event to make sure we were ready. The music he chose was perfect and people were dancing the whole night! He even came on the dance floor and taught us a few moves. I had more than one person complaining that the party stopped so early. Our DJ definitely helped make our night a lot of fun!
    Megan L
  • I originally met DJ Connection at a bridal fair and after looking at the other DJs there as well decided to book them for my wedding. They were really fun in all the meetings I had with them and helped me plan all the songs out even though I had no idea what I was doing. The DJ at my wedding followed the schedule to a 'T' and played everything I wanted, we danced all night! DJ Connection was a great choice.
    Jane D
  • I love DJ Connection! They were great about working with me prior to my wedding and the particular DJ I had was really flexible when our timeline didn't go exactly to plan. He made everything run smoothly and played great songs all night long! I would highly recommend this company and will use them in the future!
  • There are almost no words to describe DJ connection. Through our entire process they made it so easy and fun! Our wedding was an absolute blast because of them! Our DJ was completely involved and made sure everything was perfect for us! I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone!!
  • Dj connection is amazing!! I had the time of my life at our wedding. They kept the party going, knew how to read the crowd, and had everyone out dancing on the dance floor. People were still dancing after we left, that's how great they are! I could not say enough good things about Dj connection. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
  • DJ Connection was who we were hoping for as they worked very closely with our venue. They even worked with us to ensure they could have a spot for us on our day. The pre-planning was made so easy by the teams and the DJ at our wedding was a complete professional. There were no hiccups, he brought us our drinks, and continued to check in on us all night to ensure we were enjoying ourselves and discuss any changes as necessary. Would absolutely recommend
  • DJ connection matched us with a wonderful DJ and he was attentive to the crowd and accepted requests. We even got him to come on the floor with us and do the Cleveland Shuffle! It's always fun teaching someone something new lol. Everyone was complimenting my husband and I all night and said it was the most fun they have had at a wedding and saying how wonderful the DJ was. He kept everything flowing smoothly and would highly recommend these guys. Everyone was helpful on the phone and helped make the big day a lot less stressful!
  • I knew I was in good hands from the first time I spoke with DJ Connection! They made me feel comfortable and took me step by step through the process from the first time we spoke, until my husband and I made our grand exit. Our DJ was hands down the life of the party! He made sure our guest knew what was going on from the moment they got there. He would even randomly show up during pictures to give me a glass of water! He was able to read the crowd and played music that got everyone up and dancing, he even joined in for a song or two. I can't say enough about him and this company, you won't regret choosing them!
  • Our DJ was amazing! We received amazing compliments on the music and just the overall flow of the reception. He kept the music flowing and the party atmosphere high all night. I had a very special moment with an all ladies dance and he made it extra memorable! I can't thank him enough!
  • Our DJ was absolutely AMAZING! He went above and beyond what a dj needed to do! He brought us and our bridal party drinks while we were taking pictures in the hot sun, and checked on us through out the night! He taught us all the dance moves and joked with us the entire night! Thank you so much DJ Leo for making our day soooo much fun! I would give more than 5 stars if possible!
    Alexia M
  • DJ Connection was a blast to work with, from our initial phone conversation to our big day! I loved the portal they provide you access to, which makes planning music for your big day just that easy - you select the songs for special dances (entrance, first dance, etc), a Must-Play list, Do-Not Play List, and more. It was a fun experience! Our DJ kept our guests on the dance floor, and the group photo trick was one of my favorites. Thanks so much DJ Connection!
  • DJ connection was the perfect choice for our wedding. When we met them at a bridal show we couldn't help but be impressed. After seeing a bunch of cheesy, over the top DJ's the first question they asked was what level of excitement the DJ should bring, as it was our day we said a 5 or 6 and that is exactly what they did. They provided the music for our wedding and then kept party going for our reception. Their planners helped us plan the event, got our timeline straight and kept up with last minute requests and changes. They were perfect and I couldn't offer any greater words of praise.
    Jennifer Z
  • DJ connection is the way to go for your wedding! They have a user friendly computer system where you can update your songlist up until a week from your wedding. They are so helpful in discussing uplighting and your wedding timeline too. Our DJ was SUPER FRIENDLY and knew what he was doing.
  • Hiring DJ Connection was honestly one of the absolute best decisions I made while planning my wedding. They were extremely pleasant, enthusiastic, and competent in the planning phase and always got back to me right away when I had questions. Then, on the day of the wedding, as I was getting ready people kept coming back telling me how much they loved my DJ. When I met him, I understood why. Throughout the whole event, he made sure I had food, drinks, and anything else I needed on top of keeping the dancing going with music choices catered from our list and the guests. I had so much fun at my reception and a good part of it was due to DJ Connection. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
    Britania C
  • I love DJ Connection! My best friend had this service for her wedding reception last year and they were phenomenal. The mood was great and they played all the best songs that I can think of! I will definitely use this service for my upcoming wedding!
  • We did not have a wedding planner and therefore I was very worried about who would run the event and make sure the evening was smooth sailing. DJ Connection hands down was the perfect person for the job and to be the emcee of our wedding. They most definitely kept the party going and were totally fine with make small changes mid reception!
  • I must first say that our reception was the best night of our lives, due mainly in part to Noah's venue and staff. I've never felt so supported in a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor and been overjoyed by the entire event.DJ Connection was OUTSTANDING!!! In all honesty, we were pushing for a band, but ended up being more than happy we went with DJ Connection. Our DJ turned out to be the best MC with which we've ever dealt and he ensured we were constantly the highlight of the evening. From song list to cake cutting and bouquet toss, he was on it minute-by-minute. He kept everyone involved and dancing the night away. Needless to say, we keep getting phone calls, texts and emails, even a month after The Big Day, telling us that it was the BEST reception they'd ever been to. As every weekend approaches, my husband and I keep saying how much we want to relive it over and over again. Thank you DJ Connection for making miracles come true!!!
  • We used DJ Connection for our band dance with age range of 12-18 year old students. They provided a phenomenal service from the moment of first contact thru the event. Answered all questions and were extremely flexible with changes during the dance. The students raved about how well they really like the DJ. The committee was extremely pleased with how well the music worked out for a school dance allowing the kids to listen/dance to the songs they like without the music being inappropriate. This was by far the best DJ experience we have had in the 8 years I've been on the committee. We will definitely consider them for future dances as long as the budget holds. You will not go wrong using this vendor!!
  • We loved having DJ Connection for our wedding. They were helpful while we were preparing for the big day and their website was really easy to use for adding music and making changes. On our wedding day our DJ was awesome and was flexible anytime something changed. Everyone had tons of fun at our wedding and one of my friends said our wedding music is her new favorite soundtrack.