5 Reasons Why I Love DJ'ing Weddings

1. Cake

I mean, who doesn't love cake? My favorite ones are the strawberry cream cheese, or even the cookie cakes. Less fondant, more cookie cakes please!


2. Love

I love, well, love! You get to see so many different types of love at weddings. Obviously the love between the bride and groom, but also the love between parents, between siblings, and love amongst the bridesmaids & groomsmen. 


3. Dancing/Shenanigans

I wouldn't be a wedding DJ if I didn't love witnessing all the fun!! I’ve seen just about every dance move and about every variety of ages on the dancefloor. From grandmas breaking it down, brides dancing on table tops, to the groom himself crowdsurfing!


4. Traveling

One of the blessings of being a wedding DJ is that I get to travel to all the big name cities and all the small towns that I wouldn’t have otherwise had a reason to. Add to that all the sights I get to see, the photography I get to take, and all the new people I get to meet. 


5. Connections & New Friends

It is amazing the connections you can make and all the new people you can meet. A few interesting ones that I’ve met were: a rocket engineer for Space X, a professional bodyguard for U.S. delegates, and even someone who spoke fluent Vietnamese to me! He was totally white, and he was also the bride’s father haha! 

This guest post was written by one of DJ Connection's very own DJs, Callen Vo, a modern Renaissance Man who also acts and takes beautiful photos

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