New Wedding Emojis

You may have heard by now but if you haven't, there are 190 new emojis available for all of your texting needs (read: when mere words simply do not cut it). Of these one hundred and ninety emojis there are several that beg to be used when you’re communicating about your upcoming wedding. The emoji lovers at DJ Connection have compiled a list of our favorite wedding-esque characters.


Star Struck Face: Not to be used sparingly, this emoji can be used when you find THE dress or the perfect DJ (hint, hint) or a cake filling that changes your world.


Face with Raised Eyebrow: Does your future mother in law not exactly LOVE your bouquet choice? Display your dismay with the “Colbert” emoji.


Exploding Head: We’ve all been there - your mind is blown. Sometimes this is good and sometimes notsomuch. Alterations are HOW MUCH? Mind. Blown.


Crazy Face: You’re planning The. Biggest. Day. Of. Your. Life. Enough said.


Face with Symbols Over Mouth: See "Face with Raised Eyebrow". Also good for when RSVPs show up super late.


Face Vomiting: How was your bachelorette party? Say no more.


Shushing Face: “Honey, you'll wear this grey suit and you’ll love it.”


Face with Hand Over Mouth: When you just can’t anymore.


Face with Monocle: When all of your vendor’s contracts have three pages of fine print.


Bearded Man: The New York Times recently reported that men with beards are more desirable. Really! Does your hottie honey have facial hair? He now has his very own emoji!


Fairies: Maybe you’re having a theme wedding or an outdoor reception and you’re hoping for tiny, luck-bringing guests.


Vampires: Is your bank account being sucked dry by your wedding? Break out the vampire emojis.


Merpeople: Who doesn’t want to channel their inner mermaid or merman for their wedding? If we learned anything from The Little Mermaid it’s that true love conquers all obstacles and that’s pretty romantic if you ask us.


Genies: Do you need some wishes? This is the emoji for you.


Zombies: Use this character when you’ve stayed up all night choosing your perfect song list.


People in a Steamy Room: Two words: SPA DAY. We will leave it at that.


People in Lotus Position: We could all use a little more Zen in our life but when you’re planning a wedding, you may want to invest in some time at your local yoga studio. Deep breaths.


I love You Hand Signs: When you are short on time but you still want to let someone know that you heart them.


T-Rex: Add this to the existing bride emoji and, voila, BRIDEZILLA.
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We hope that you’re as excited about the new emojis as we are. Make sure to check out all of the new 190! 

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